Hope Town, Bahamas

Its Christmas Eve and the temp is right around 80 degrees.  The water is beginning to settle down and we were able to get back out to the reef to start diving again.  Its incredible how few big fish there are out here.  If your lucky to get a glimpse at 2-3 grouper and a decent sized snapper then its considered a good day.  We shot a few lobster, a couple small snapper, and Cliff found himself a nice conch. Everyone cooked a dish and we gathered over at Russ for a huge feast.  I made lack beans, sauteed 8 lobster tails, and made a cheese/meat/veggie plate. Cliff & Jennifer brought over a couple gallons of Rum Punch and some veggies, Lindsey made a bomb ass chocolate cake, and Russ supplied the rice and curried fish.  Russ and I proceeded to tear up the town a little and hit a number of bars around town before making our way back out to the boats.  Long day and even longer night.


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