Hope Town, Bahamas

This morning it was glassed over outside. Not even the slightest ripple anywhere on the water.  I jumped out of bed, hopped in the dinghy and went out to the reef by myself for a morning dive.  It was so quiet and the visibility was so great it was surreal.  There are big fish out here, but you’ve got to make the long runs to find them. I shot 6 lobster and at numerous monster snapper. Every lobster I got this morning was decent sized with one that was a monster lob.  Around midday I came back in and hooked up with Matt for some more diving.  We hopped in his dinghy and took back off for the outer reef again.  We were both shooting at all kinds of big fish.  On our last coral patch I see Matt swimming back towards the boat with a Granddaddy Lobster.  The big one I had shot this morning we were stoked about but when this beast made it in the dinghy it was time for celebration.  Matt wears a size 12 shoe and this lob dwarfs his foot.  The grill we were cooking on was every bit of about fifteen inches in diameter and I still could barely get the head alone to fit on it. 


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