Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

I get emails randomly from friends and family about my lifestyle and future.  I’m alive, actually shit I’m more alive now living my life then ever so before!  I’m so alive I barely have time to write, make a call, or shoot over an email.  Never mind the fact that internet is a rarity out here.  After walking every street here in Alice Town I’m pretty confident in saying they don’t even have a payphone. 

Things have been crazy here.  The boat needs a lot of attention.  This has been my main priority and things are already coming along quickly.  I’ll take some pics as I progress with projects, but don’t go holding your breath either.  The surf is decent and going to pick up this week and the diving has been pretty incredible as well.  Did I mention the FREE mooring I’m on right now.

Christmas passed over just how its suppose to.  No drama!  New Years came right behind it and I was spending my days day sailing, diving, eating great food, and hanging with some chill new friends.  I had some friends of mine sail with me for about 5 days.  It was a good time.  A really good time!  The winds weren’t necessarily in our favor, but we still made the best of it.

After they left Kokoi hauled ass on a beam reach down to Eleuthera.  Paradise would be a better way to describe this place.  Chill friendly people, easy hitchhiking everywhere, plenty of surf breaks, great diving, free moorings, cheap, and there are plenty of chill dogs as well.  The list goes on but I really don’t want to get to into detail as more people will begin showing up!

Below is a glimpse into my daily life now a days.  I’m going to try and take the time to backlog the blog so I don’t forget the past two weeks.  I will also try and get back in a routine of updating on a more regular basis.  If not just assume I’m having a really good time!

Some friends of mine chillen at my office.  I give them the camera and they run around taking photos.  Some of which aren’t the greatest because their little fingers like changing all the settings.  They love it though.  Take a pic then look at it. Repeat, over and over again.  I think yesterday they took 600 photos of themselves, cars, houses, dogs, the sky, and me.   Its a pretty good time.  Simple things make them so happy!

Surfers Beach


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