Alice Town, Eleuthera

Let the boat projects and cleaning begin!  Its weird how people always said cruising is just fixing and maintaining your boat in exotic places.  Its pretty much true with some exploring, surfing, spear fishing, and a couple of drinks thrown into the mix.  Since its pretty difficult to find decent internet anywhere I’ve been spending time under a tree in a local field picking up a signal.  I have the camera, Ipad, and Mac air out there trying to get work done online.  The local kids think its so cool that I can pick a signal up just from sitting under a tree!  Its hard to get things done when they are climbing all over me, but I still manage and we have a great time.  I give them the camera and they run around taking pictures of everything imaginable.  Sometimes I have to break up an argument over who is next but they are really great kids.  We eat oranges together that I bring.  Then when I am finished up things on my computer we all sit around watching jam band music videos on Youtube.  Its just all in a days work.  Big accomplishments for today were getting some water, taking out the trash, and pulling up floor boards to begin cleaning!

The kids took all the  photos below.  I try to explain changing the setting because it makes the photos blurry but they could care less!  All they want to do is see the photo show up on the LCD.  




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