Alice Town, Eleuthera

I got up early this morning and got some more cleaning done on the boat.  My bedroom is finally cleaned.  I’m pretty sure I took out a couple of pounds of dust with the trash from it.  I’ve oiled all the wood, cleaned the ceilings, picked up the floorboards, and cleaned out the interior of the lockers.  Check that crap off my to do list.

As I was finishing up Matt asked if I wanted to go out diving for the afternoon.  Hell yeah I wanted to go diving.  I was pretty ready to get off the boat for a bit anyways.  We went out and had a decent day in the water.  Tally it up to 4 hogfish, 4 lobs, 1 lionfish, and a grouper.  Nothing to big but I do wish I would have taken a photo.  I was mad hungry when I got back so I began making lunch while Andy cleaned the fish.
We all got together for dinner and drinks.  Another killer meal aboard KoKoi!  I think I’m slowly losing my mojo.  I was going to go out and play some dominoes and  have a couple of beers, but instead I just crashed out.  On a Saturday on top of that.  What’s wrong with me?



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