Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera


The weather has been perfect lately.  The days are hot, and the nights are cool and breezy.  Once again I got an early jump on my chores and began cleaning the deck and cockpit.  Its beginning to look really good and becoming shipshape once again.  Maybe if I can get this boat seaworthy again I’ll actually end up sailing South instead of sitting here catching waves.  The back deck is completely cleared off of all the crap.  I’ve finished the install on the solar lights for both the cockpit and the arch.  The cockpit is getting there slowly. I’m pretty damn proud of myself right now.
DSC_8655 DSC_8657DSC_8662DSC_8663

I put the icing on the cake by jerry jugging 80 gallons of water to the boat today.  Think about carrying a 5 gallon jerry jug a quarter mile to the dinghy, dinghy out to the boat, get that heavy SOB on deck, then finally pour into the tanks.  It will make you use few dishes and think twice about showers that is for sure.  Do this 16 times over the course of a few hours and you will promise to never eat on board again and to always bath with saltwater.  Maybe even take it to the extreme of brushing your teeth with saltwater.
Midday rolls around and I am burnt out finally.  Accomplished but burnt out.  I told myself screw chores.  The wind has shifted SW and lightened for a few hours.  Time to get some surf for the rest of my day.  I dinghied into town, walked up to the highway, and sat for 45 minutes trying to hitchhike.  Where the hell are all the cars?  I got out my Ipad and jammed for a bit under some trees waiting.. waiting.. and waiting some more.  I saw a total of 5 cars.  One of which was a taxi and the other four were filled to the brim with people all dressed up.  I look down at the Ipad and damn myself.  Its Sunday!  The day for church, family, and some R&R.  I walked back home happy actually.  I spent the rest of the evening typing blogs, reading Surfer mag cover to cover a few times, and cooking dinner.  Chillen out.

Quick lunch at work!
Lobster all day everyday

Cool little slice of the moon

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