Surfers Beach, Eleuthera

It was a full day of surfing.  The waves have cleaned up and we all paddled out for the day.  Its great to be able to sit in the shack eating oranges and bullshitting with a bunch of great people all day.  After a long day of surfing we did dinner on the boat and then headed to the Sugar Apple.  The Sugar Apple is a very interesting establishment.  Howard the owner is 86 and spends his days in there watching tv, smoking cigars, and drinking.  The usual crowd is about 3-4 people 6 days of the week.  Wednesday on the other hand is a total blowout.  I got an early start along with Austin, possibly to early.  Things were going really well until they ran out of beer.  In turn this means I had to switch over to hard liquor.  The band was killing it and there were plenty of great musicians so I was definitely feeling really good.  Around 11 o’clock things took another turn.  They ran out of juice, and considering I don’t drink anything carbonated other than beer I had to move to straight rum on the rocks.  A few more hours of dancing, drinking, and having a great time before we called it a night.  Jim hooked me up with a ride home and I was out cold as soon as I hit the cockpit.  The Sugar Apple will never let you down!



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