Spearing Eleuthera

Austin made the bomb pasta salad for lunch.  Jim showed up for a quick beer at noon and we were all in the dinghy headed out to get dinner for this evening.  We had an incredible day of shooting.  Water clarity was perfect and the sea was completely glassed over.

I made a ton of food for dinner including baby back ribs, grouper, hogfish, lionfish, lobster, baked potatoes, string beans, red beans & rice courtesy of Michelle, and finished it all off with fudge brownies.  Incredible meal with some incredible friends.  Even Jenn and Cliff showed up tonight for dinner.  I’m pretty sure though Cliff showed up strictly for the brownies.

The last picture is late night.  I have no idea why we were both starving so much, but we thought it would be a good idea to pour a jar of jalapenos into the pasta salad.  After doing this continue to eat the entire bowl of pasta salad as fast as is humanly possible.  Feel like crap rest of night and through the morning.





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