A Dragging Kind of Day

There is nothing better than a little anchor dragging excitement to get everyone going for the day.  This guy has obviously been sailing much longer than me.  I will be honest that I’m a little frightened by that big bad sea out there.  On the other hand this guy knows he can take it on with no worries at all.  A Macgregor 26, huge engine, and his lady friend on a mission to make it through the Virgins this year!  Go for it dude!  I will see you down there.  I took a few shots out the window during the drag and just went back to sleep.  I can’t quite figure out why he dragged.  Possibly the 30′ of rode attached to the (double anchor?) setup on that single rode. He knows stuff I don’t obviously. 

The rest of the day was filled with sitting around at Jim’s.  We had some dinner and then the rest of the evening I gave Kate advice on life.  Hence the reason she is dieing laughing in the picture below.  Little does she know I am the last person in life you would want advice from, but she listened and said she would think about things.




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