Work Sucks

We dropped Kate off at the airport and all headed into Governors Harbour to get things done.  I stopped at immigration to get my papers extended, grocery shopped, filled the propane tanks, and hit the bakery up for bread and meat pies.  Its actually amazing how much we were able to get done in such a short amount of time. 

Jim took us by the old Navy Base on the way back to Hatchet Bay.  Its pretty cool seeing all the run down barracks, garages, offices, and jail.  Thinking back of all the guys that worked here tracking Soviet Subs is pretty cool stuff.  After a quick lunch on the boat and then a nap the work had to begin.

We lugged about 150 gallons of water down to the boat and slowly made progress on washing the entire exterior.  Quite the undertaking when you cant just turn on the hose.  I polished up the arch and cleaned the solar panel.  This is way to much work for one day.  A few beers later and I was out cold before dinner.

This is where I try and convince Jim to run over the sheep in front of us.  In the meantime Austin is trying to explain why we should run over the goat behind us.  Either way I tell him we can field dress either one right here on the side of the road and be eating like kings.  He didn’t go for either of our ideas.


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