Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Austin made a quick stop at Bristol Liquors this morning to pick up a last minute, much needed, case of rum.  I had the chores list on the boat to get taken care of so we could leave.  Fill water tanks, put everything away downstairs, check charts, clean dishes, make bed, tie down everything on deck, and the list goes on.  Sailing definitely isn’t hopping in the family car and picking up some food for a picnic.

Finally under way and headed to Rock Sound.  The winds are perfect right now for sailing.  We cruised along at about 6.5 knots with the wind on the beam all day.  Altering between watch, cleaning, and naps everything went smoothly.  Around mid afternoon we decided to throw out a lure and see if anything would bite.  More or less just to pass the time.  Austin hand lined a nice Spanish Mackerel that will be used for Wahoo bait during our  crossing to the Exumas.  Its nice to have a professional offshore fisherman on the boat.  We are both hoping to start pulling up some fish here soon.

We dropped the hook late afternoon and immediately headed into town to finish grocery shopping.  I’m pretty confident we have everything on board now to make it down to Georgetown. Well minus all the fish we are going to be spearing and catching, or so we hope! 

Some killer raviolis for dinner, Strongback Stout, and cookies.  Another great day of sailing and easy living.







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