Highbourne Cay, Exumas

The morning started out with a great sail out of Rock Sound and into the Exuma Sound.  After about mid day the wind had died down to nothing and we ended up having to motor the rest of the way over to Highbourne Cay.  The anchorage here is incredible.  There is plenty of room to anchor with decent protection from the N through SE.  After a quick cleaning of the boat and packing everything away we were off in the dinghy to do some exploring.  The water is crystal clear.  Visibility is as far as the eye can see.  The water is much warmer than Eleuthera as well.

We dove for the entire afternoon.  After swimming around numerous cays and many miles of rock all we turned up with was a lobster and lionfish.  It blows my mind away that we didn’t see a single decent fish.  There are plenty of tropical fish everywhere, but that doesn’t put dinner on the table.  Lobster for dinner, a few good Strongback stouts, and to bed.







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