Staniel Cay, Exumas

We sailed over to Staniel Cay early this morning because everyone knows “It’s the Party Spot”.  I guess if you like being smothered by 100’s of other cruisers in a small anchorage with only one bar.  It was entertaining to say the least though.  We went to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club like all the rest of the kool aid drinkers.  It was nice, quaint, and had a bunch of other yahoos in there drinking.  After one beer we were ready to head out and explore the island a little more. 
Austin saw a sign that said Happy People Bar 2 miles right next to where we parked the dinghy.  We ended up walking the entire island in search of this mystery bar.  Finally I decided to stop and ask a local at the grocery where it was located.  Oh, Its closed!  That’s 2 bars in a row now that are closed. Make that 3 bars if you include Compass Cay wanting to charge $10 to come on their dock and drink beer.  It was about that time of day to head back to the boat anyways and cook up some food so I was actually glad the mystery bar did not exist anymore.  Upon reaching the dinghy I looked up at the sign and it read, Happy People Bar 2 MIN.  Apparently someone has their miles and min mixed up.  After dinner and a few rum drinks on the boat we ended up back in town for the evening.  A few beers at a couple of places and we were back home and sleeping before nine o’clock. Schwing!







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