In Search of the Grey Ghost

After enough of the Staniel Cay camaraderie it was time to move on.  Just a couple of miles away was paradise, Sampson Cay Club.  Everything in the book said this was the happening spot.  Saturday beach pig roast, Tuesday $2.50 beers & $2.00 apps, and the list goes on.  Throw in a few incredible flats to catch bonefish, a quiet totally protected anchorage, and an incredible resort.  The place was dead! Strike 4 when it comes to good watering holes in the Exumas.  

I would still give it a 10 though for the well stocked store, beautiful island & resort, peaceful anchorage, and quiet.  The staff has been incredible and there are just a few other boats here.  Word on the street is that just last year this place was popping big time, but thanks to the American economy there are few soles left with pennies in their retirement accounts to get out here anymore.  

We enjoyed the day hanging out at the lodge, exploring the island, and looking for the infamous grey ghost.  As the pictures will depict we were slightly off on the tides and the sun was beginning to set.  Hopefully tomorrow we will catch the incoming and slay the bones!








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