I like Pina Coladas..

Everyone loves that song right?  Its been blowing here pretty good the past few days.  In turn this means not much fishing or diving going on around here.  Instead the better part of today was spent making Pina Coladas, homemade pizzas, and listening to some incredible music. 

If you like good music then you will really appreciate today’s playlist.  It included the Aqua-Barbie Girl, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, home boy Justin Timberlake, and then numerous other artist from the Grateful Dead to Lil Wayne.  Really eclectic! 

All in all it was a day spent sitting around the boat doing random stuff we would never otherwise do.  Austin worked on his dreads most of the afternoon.  I studied charts to get us South in the Carib. Even my mom questioned if I were okay when I told her I was going to sleep at 8 PM. 

Veggie Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza


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