Fish On!


It was a super early start for what would soon become a long fun filled day.  About 3 minutes after leaving LF Cay this morning we had a hook up with this monster Mahi.  Plus one for the day already.  The sail down to Lee Stocking Island was perfect and it was a gorgeous day outside.  The anchorage was settled and we were in a good spot.  After a quick lunch of blackened mahi sandwiches we were in the water for a wake surf session around the harbor.











During our wake surf session we came across this island with tons of iguanas all over.  We went back to the boat and grabbed half a head of lettuce to go back out and feed them.  They were everywhere running up and down the dunes to the water and fighting over the scraps of lettuce we tossed out on the sand.  After enough of playing with these ugly prehistoric looking animals we headed into Lee Stocking Island where the Perry Institute was located. 
We didn’t get many pictures as it was getting late and the sun was beginning to set, but talk about a super creepy place.  I definitely want to go back and check out the property some more.  They used to do marine research and studies here for years.  Just recently they closed down, and I have no idea why.  I have researched everywhere online and have come up with nothing.  What makes this place creepy is that everyone has been gone for over a year, but everything is just how they left it.  The food is still in all the fridges, beds are made, half drunken cups of coffee lay around on counters, clothes are folded, pots are on the stove.  Its surreal and like a total ghost town.  Almost as if a year ago everyone was having lunch and then they all got up, jumped on a plane, and never came back.









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