Drama in the Anchorage


Saturdays filled with fun consist of laundry, grocery shopping, getting gas, filling water tanks, taking out trash, and cleaning the boat.  That pretty much sums up the first half of the day.  The second half was filled with good fun and drama in the anchorage. 

Let it Blow! It blew like hell all evening with the first boats beginning to drag around 4 this afternoon and continue all the way through the night.  There is nothing better than a good cold beer and boats dragging across an anchorage.  Talk about a total shit show.  You would think there was an air raid going on out here.  Air horns blasting everywhere, spotlights checking out the action, people yelling at each other, and then my favorite the VHF. 

The VHF, AKA The Person who knows it all!  Yeah your that guy aren’t you?  The person telling everyone around them to check their anchors, watch out for that boat in front of you it might be dragging, how to maneuver through a maze of boats in the darkness as you drag, and the list goes on.  The VHF is dangerous hence why I never have it on, EVER!  These are grown adults and it tends to be worse than a bunch of high school girls gossiping in a bathroom at school. 




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