Wishing I were over 70!


These sandwiches were about the best thing that happened today.  The boat chores started before the sun even came over the horizon.  I vacuumed everywhere on the boat as Austin worked his way from the Vberth to the Aft stateroom oiling all the interior teak.  We wiped down all the ceilings, walls, counters and floors.  I lint rolled all the cushions while he finished up the final dishes from lunch.  Cleaned the interior windows & seals, then moved onto cleaning the stove and polishing the stainless.  A very busy morning to say the least.

After all of our chores were finished we headed into Chat n Chill, or as I like to call it the Beach Retirement Home that still sells beer.  Amazingly enough there were about 10 other cruisers up there under 30 so that was pretty cool to be able to hang for a bit with them.  We were invited to a trivia night at a bar in the harbor,and lasted about 6 minutes then headed directly back out the door and to the boat.  Just repeat to yourself as slow as is humanly possible, B 13.  I realize it wasn’t bingo, but you get the idea on the tone of questions that were being asked.  Most questions had the years 1920s-1930s in them as well. It was so boring that I got back to the boat and was asleep before 7:15. Gotta love retirement!


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