Peace and Plenty

Another day of boat work and grocery shopping.  We are getting in a nice routine.  Wake up early and wake surf every morning.  Check the surf. Grab some lunch on the boat.  Then throughout the afternoon get chores done and do some shopping around town.  Its pretty laid back every day here.  

This evening Peace and Plenty had a fundraiser for the town with a good live band, plenty of dancing, and the drinks were flowing.  Last night I ended up in the pool and this evening I ended up about a half mile out into the bay at midnight swimming after a dinghy off their dock.  Crazy, Yes I would say so.  In my own defense though everyone thought I was the most insane person ever.  I had the entire bar at the edge of the cliff watching. I got plenty of high fives, free drinks, and food for the rest of the evening. Worth it, hell no I can’t believe I made it.








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