Karaoke Rocks!


This morning was an early start after a late evening.  We all piled into the car and cruised down to Clarence Town to check out the scene and do some more exploring of the Southern part of the island.  After a quick roadside lunch we picked up my parents at the airport.  The smiles on their face when they saw I was still alive was priceless.  I think my mom was so happy she almost fainted!  It gets even better when someone that comes to visit brings a Santa Claus sack filled with all kinds of incredible goodies for you.  Including 10 lbs of M&Ms, Check!


They were excited to be here and I was super stoked they actually came to see me.  I took them directly back to Long Island Breeze where the party was just getting started.  The dj was jamming dance beats and the drinks were flowing freely.  It started with beers and slowly moved into the silent but deadly rum punches.  They stayed up as long as could be expected after a long trip to get here.  The later the night went to wilder things got on the deck.  The dj wrapped his thing up and we started with some late night Karaoke.  Around midnight we had to wrap the party up at the breeze and about 20 of us headed back out to the boat to party until just about sunrise.  








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