A really uneventful day spent reading, diving, eating, and sleeping.  The trip over from Long Island back to Georgetown was glassed over with zero wind all day.  Turn on the motor, set up hammock, grab kindle, and nap.  That about sums up the 6 hours back across the pond out here.  Just before coming into the harbor I decided to anchor offshore and see if just maybe I could come up with a nice size fish.  Its amazing how some places are just a desert out here.  I snagged two lobster and saw a nice size blacktip swimming around for a bit.  

The next week will be very interesting around here.  Georgetown isn’t necessarily the best place to go cruising.  Well that is unless your at the end of your life cycle then it could be considered very interesting.  I’m stuck here for the week working on the boat and provisioning while I wait for a crew change.  Austin arrives back in town on Thursday so hopefully soon after we will be back underway. Central America I hope your ready for us.  We are coming armed with 8 surfboards, a kite setup, spear fishing gear, and a healthy appetite for cheap beer. 



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