Fridays consist of some boat work throughout the day and then early happy hours.  I have been slowly knocking projects off the list of things to do so I can begin moving South again.  Its a long tedious process but is slowly all coming together.  If you time everything perfectly you can eat, drink, and party on Fridays around here for next to nothing.  Start at Frankies Tiki Bar for the 2 for 1 $5 Kaliks. Once you’ve filled up on the Free apps, cold beers, and shelf drinks its time to get moving around the bay some more. 

The photo below describes every bar you will walk into and out of throughout the Caribbean.  They all have some random weird signs that mean next to nothing.  I have seen this sign everywhere, but have yet to see a single girl topless at a bar for free drinks.  It must come down to a self respect thing.  I on the other hand would sit at this bar day and night naked if they let me drink for free.  If only it were that easy.

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