Trying to Leave GT


Today might have been one of the most productive days in quite some time.  I went up the mast to inspect and tune some rigging.  I also installed a new deck/steaming light fixture.  The diesel tanks all got topped up along with our water on board.  Austin took care of things downstairs and on deck by beginning the long storage process of all the crap a boat carries everywhere with her.

After all of this we were able to sneak away for a few hours to catch the end swell that we have seen here in Georgetown the past few days.  It wasn’t anything spectacular  but then again any wave caught is better than none. 

This evening the Italians invited us over for an early Easter dinner which was insanely good with all the fixings and a 12 lb turkey.  Although I could care less about tv and sports I didn’t think twice about taking my position on the lazy boy recliners with beer in hand to finish off the last few hours before bed.








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