Let it Blow

The wind finally began to pick back up late morning and we are cruising downwind currently with following seas.  Its nice to know your making headway when you begin passing islands.  The Souther tip of Long Island is now behind us and we are currently passing Acklins this evening. 
I’m now on watch and the boat is hauling serious ass downwind.  I just depowered the boat with some reefing to slow us down from 8 knots to 6.5 knots.  I just checked and we are currently 100 miles from the entrance to the Windward Passage.I’m hoping for a daytime passage through that area because of the heavy shipping traffic.  
Oh and I almost forgot we slayed another Mahi.  Dinner was once again insane eating blackened Mahi underway. 
Its now around 3 AM and I’m dozing in and out while watching The Drifter on my Ipad.  All of a sudden out of nowhere the boat powers up and we get slammed by a mini rogue style wave from the port side.  It did just what it was suppose to do by soaking me and everything in the cockpit. I’m wide awake now.  I think to myself WTF why doesn’t crap like this happen during daylight hours.  I looked up and we were blasting downwind at 7.3 knots.  I adjusted some sails, got the boat balanced back out again, and then headed down below to clean up.


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