Santiago, Cuba


Our first full day of exploring the city was quite interesting to say the least.  The journey started at some locals house for beers and some food.  Notice in the background of all the flags from visiting vessels over the years.  There are a lot of countries represented in this small living room in the backwoods of Cuba.  The bus schedule is a little difficult to figure out but I believe we are getting the hang of it.  A taxi into town is $6USD a city bus on the other hand is 5 cents USD.  A serious difference that will make you figure out the transport system real quickly.

The below photos are just a few of the interesting things we have found in our first day of walking around.  Some interesting facts about Cuba that most people think are incorrect.  There are plenty of small fishing boats here.  From what I have gathered their entire catch goes to the government to be dispersed evenly throughout the area. There are plenty of old really cool cars, but then on the other hand there are plenty of “newer” vehicles as well.  The majority of cars are not classic 50’s Chevys and Fords.  Most are small four door Fiats.  I have yet to see a single person chewing or smoking a cigar other than a foreigner.  I was expecting to walk the old town streets and see 100’s of Cubans chewing cigars.  Not happening here apparently.


A typical man hole cover throughout the city.  After seeing this and flying around everywhere on the back of a motorcycle doing over a 100 mph last night.  I feel pretty lucky we didn’t find one of these.  If so though I was wearing a hard hat as a helmet so I’m sure I would have been fine.


These Camians, meat movers, are everywhere throughout the city.  I look forward to catching rides on them in the future.  They are dirt cheap and packed so tight you can’t move your arm from your side.  Some of the rides last 3-4 hours from city to city.  They have livestock and people throwing up on them.  The temp is around 95 degrees inside and there is no ventilation.  Throw in a good amount of diesel exhaust and you have yourself a party!

Our first round of Mojitos in downtown Santiago.  The best in town located at a small hole in the wall side street bar.  The perfect setting to sit back, relax, and catch some great music.

Late Night Old School Style.

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