Get Your Pig On!


Saturdays in all large cities across Cuba are wonderful days.  Every Saturday the main street through town is shut down all day.  The food stands begin setting up early AM, the pigs begin roasting just after sunrise, and people begin flooding the streets.  Its a beautiful thing to see so many people out enjoying the day and then  throughout the evening.

As the sun begins to set the real party gets started in full gear.  The stages over the course of a couple miles all come to life.  Every kind of Cuban music is on a different stage.  There was a swimsuit and fashion show on another.  Live bands and djs mix beats on opposite stages.  The food and beverage vendors have a huge selection of incredible goods to consume.  An average meal here on the street at night will run between $1-2 USD.  Its damn good stuff as well.  I love eating street food though.  People are cruising the streets sipping rum directly out of the bottles with no chasers.  I will say that the Cuban community loves their rum.

As the evening progressed we moved with the crowds from one stage to another.  The last stage we came across down by centro plaza had a pretty insane band from Havana playing.  I would say he was the equivalent of Lil Wayne with a DJ backing up everything for him.  Some of the sickest beats I have yet to hear in Cuba.  Thousands of people were dancing and singing in the streets for hours as they jammed.  To make things even better all of this entertainment in FREE.  Every Saturday in most all the big cities they have something like this going down.  The people are all super friendly and everyone is so happy to be outside enjoying the evening.









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