Punta Gorda, Cuba


After last night we are taking the day nice and slow.  The restaurant around the corner is nacionale meaning its for locals.  This usually means from what we have previously experienced that its going to be a great time.  Sunday is when all the familes get together for the beach and long drawn out meals together.  The place had a great DJ that had everyone out of their seats moving to the beats throughout the entire day.  

It amazes me how everyone can be seated one second eating and then all the sudden the next song starts up.  Immediately everyone is out of the chairs, getting in line, and dancing throughout the restaurant.  Another really cool thing that took me some time to figure out was the draft beer situation.  Everyone had mugs but since we weren’t sitting at a table we had none.  I soon there after found out from a local that you can bring up whatever you’d like to get filled for 20 cents.  This means that 40 oz water bottles are no problem at all.  The beer tasted like crap but for 20 cents what was I really expecting.

This afternoon we took our usual naps and woke up around seven for a dinner invite at some locals home.  Pochito and his family were very inviting and made a huge pasta dinner with salad for us to share with them.  Around here everyone always eats together and for the most part lives together as well.  This means uncles, cousins, grandchildren, grandparents, etc.  The typical meal will be feeding 10+ people in most instances.







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