Total Shocker…

We woke up this morning or should I clarify, this afternoon.  I reach over to check the Ipad for the time and its nearing two o’clock.  Sweating like a pig with the radio still on and all the lights blinding me in the boat from the previous night.  If your wondering its for a good reason.  

We met a cool ass wild man of a new friend yesterday.  Originally from Finland then transplanted to San Diego to fulfill dreams as a successful entrepreneur.  Tapio just like me left a very successful company and the rat race of life to fulfill dreams and a life of adventure.  He has been sailing for the past two years South from San Diego surfing, partying, wrecking his boat on a beach, fighting officials, and meeting plenty of new and  interesting people along the way.

Feeling rough is never fun but it tends to be a part of this lifestyle once in a while.  Some quick showers and the chores started.  Its time to move inland soon and do some exploring so we worked on the boat all day.  A quick dinner after sunset along with some rum drinks and I was soon back in bed.


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