Montego Bay, Jamaica


If you love patties then you will love Juici.  Its pretty much like the McD’s of Jamaica.  There is also a placed called Mega Mart here which is similar to a Walmart.  I walked down endless isles looking at everything they had to offer soaking up the AC for roughly 3 hours.  

After exploring downtown and getting some chores taken care of we headed off to the beach.  This is where we make one of our biggest mistakes of the trip thus far.  Somehow we ended up in a really high end all inclusive resort.  Endless amounts of alcohol and food everywhere.  We got back to the club and were telling everyone about our day.  We told them we were at a place called Secrets and they lost it.  What the hell do you mean you didn’t drink or eat at all?  Are you freaking nuts?  They don’t ask you for a wristband, room number, name, nothing…  Oh well maybe next time.







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