Panama Bound


Our first 24 hours at sea was nothing exciting.  We had to motor out the first 15 miles from Negril to try and find the trade winds since we were only drifting along at .8 knots.  Once we tapped into the trades it was game on.  I tweaked all the sails and we cruised along at 6.5 knots throughout the night.  I came on watch around 1 AM to a full moon and calm seas.  
Once the sun came up we entered into a mine field of flags and floats.  It was on a bank in a couple hundred feet of water.  I am not sure if they were long liner marks or some traps but it was a pain in the ass.  There were 1000’s of them for the next 50 miles.  It made for a very interesting day of lookouts and hand steering.  
Overall the last 24 hrs we made 130 miles over the ground.



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