Life at Sea – Day 3


The usual routine when I get off watch:  Make breakfast, write for a bit, and then pass out.  Around mid day we were jamming out in the middle of the ocean when we noticed something dark in our spread (fishing lines).  We had a marlin come up in the spread and hit one of our lures.  Talk about a rush and get your heart pumping.  I’m not quite sure what we would have done had we actually hooked it but none the less it was cool.  

Other interesting facts about last night: Austin had a flying fish land in the cockpit and couldn’t figure out what was going on, we passed Providencia on my watch, and there are plenty of ships out tonight.  People say its hard to eat good at sea, but not on this boat.  We had baked chicken loaded with veggies for dinner this evening.  

The last 24 hours we have made 133 miles over ground.  Cruising along nicely with reefs in at night for easy sailing.


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