Life at Sea – Day 4

Its been a really good and exciting day today.  I finished another book on the passage.  Super Freakonomics is a great read and even after the second time it gets better.  As the sun came back over the horizon I set the spread back out while Austin slept.  
Not even an hour had passed and it was Fish ON time.  I woke him up with the quickness and went to set the hook.  As soon as we noticed it was a Tuna it was time for high fives.  This fish is going to be making some super tasty meals over the next few days.  Sushi, sashimi, blackened tacos/sandwiches.  Its going to be a good time.  We don’t drink while underway, but as we cleaned the fish up and ate sashimi for breakfast we celebrated with a cold Red Stripe.  
I slept all day and came back up on watch late afternoon.  We both had sashimi once again for lunch and off to bed Austin went.  Another hour passed and the reel began spinning like mad.  I woke Austin up and the fight was on once again.  
This had to be a huge fish because I couldn’t get it under control.  Cruising along at 7 knots under sail probably wasn’t helping.  As I fought the fish Austin reefed more and brought in the roller furling.  We got things under control and after a long battle we brought aboard the largest female mahi either of us have ever seen.  She was 50” to the fork and I have no idea on the weight.  This fish was a damn beast.  Guess now we will really be eating well for quite some time.  Looks like there is going to be some fish dinner parties on the boat once we arrive in Bocas.





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