Life is Amazing


It’s a very interesting place here.  Home to many expats that ran from the U.S. for a number of different reasons.  A truly eclectic group of people to say the least.  Then there are the locals which are just as much a mixed group.  You’ve got the non stop drug dealers trying to sell you coke and weed.  They all obviously have severe brain loss since they repeatedly ask me throughout the night as if we had never talked and I had never told them NO.  Then the locals only clan.  A group of hardcore guys that don’t want anyone else but themselves around this area.  
Then there are the true locals.  Panamanians that are the nicest and most kind hearted people you could ever want to meet.  They are happy with who they are and where they live.  They are extremely welcoming and will say Buenas and smile every time you pass them up.  This place is slowly starting to grow on me.  I can say I truly love it here.  Its a water world of sorts.




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