Patience Please

I’m not the best with patience usually, but after having been out here for a year I am beginning to learn it is much needed.  I have gotten a few emails along the lines of “What happened to posting the last month?”  Well there is this little thing called salt water and salt air out here when traveling full time by sailboat.  I am not sure how it makes its way into the inner workings of my electronics but it does slowly but surely.  

In other words my main computer I write and edit the blog with is not working anymore. I have been frustrated beyond belief the past week trying to get the damn thing up and running again.  I had 22 blog post written, edited, and ready for posting.  All I needed was an electric outlet and some decent internet.  The couple of days between completing web work and actually finding a connection that could post it all my computer crashed.  This also included all updated post on anchorages, weird/eclectic adventures, updated thru April cost of cruising, and some new layout and design work I had done.

Moving on..

On a better note I fly back into the U.S. on Tuesday to visit family, friends, and possibly do some traveling.  I am hoping that I can find a decent computer tech that can get all of my old data off the computer so I can get it all updated ASAP.  I also lost all photos from those days because they were on that computer.  If anyone knows someone in the New Orleans area that can help me get the info off the old computer that would be awesome.  Please email me:

So in the meantime you get this sweet photo of my neighbors right next to the marina.  This is true Panama living at its finest.  Funny thing is there are 6 people living in this home.  Even funnier they are 10 times happier than any mansion living citizen I have ever met.  The kids throughout the day run down the dock naked, front flip off, hop out and run back inside.  Either a quick bath or air conditioning for them. Keep Life Simple! Be Happy!

I am alive. Life here in Panama is easy. Its hard to describe, but I will put into words how time just seems to drift by slowly out here.  It just happens.



6 thoughts on “Patience Please

  1. there you are you miscreant. thanks for keeping us posted. Im still in Alaska and Lindsey is now in Kona Hawaii. We'll be back to kindred in October. HAve fun and keep going.


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