Anniversary Day!


Note: This morning one year ago I sailed out of St Augustine on the journey of a lifetime.  It’s incredible how fast the past year has gone by.  I have made incredible friends and incredible memories of cruising the entire East Coast of the U.S., the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, and now Panama.  I look forward to many more years of travel and adventure ahead!

How I got up this morning is a miracle, but when I walked downstairs low and behold there was my cab driver greeting me with a smile and Buenas.  I coughed out a Buenas and aero puerto then climbed in. Vamanos!  

I’m pretty responsible and always plan for the worst even at 4 AM in the morning.  I gave myself an hour drive to get to the airport, time for taxi to not show up, and a possible breakdown along the way.  After climbing in the cab I noticed the gas needle was well below E.  BTW I’m also very observant at 4AM running on only 7 hours of sleep in last 48 hours.  I wish we had run out of gas, but instead the ride to the airport was uneventful and only took 15 minutes.  I breezed through everything because I’m obviously the only idiot here this early minus the few random backpackers sleeping throughout the airport.

When I arrived at the gate I had a manager come up to explain I had a tear in one of my checked duffel bags.  I told her I knew and had taped it up with duct tape the best I could.  She in turn pulled out her iphone and showed me photos of how she further taped the bag for me as a courtesy. Courtesy and airlines don’t go in the same sentence usually. I boarded the plane at 7AM to find my aisle seat with low and behold a table between me and the person at the window seat.  What the hell are you thinking American Airlines?  Throwing in creature comforts like this and so much extra space.  Back of the plane first class is new to me, but I’m loving it!

I hate airlines.  They tried screwing me doing business with them for years and every time you go to the airport you know the routine, no lube.  This time though a major 2 thumbs up, jump high five, and chest bump to American Airlines.  I’m so pleased that it crossed my mind to send a virtual high five over to the Panama crew! Mucho gracias!

Christian (the Colombian or Caballero or Horse) as some know him picked me up from the airport this afternoon. This leads to only one thing.  Always a good time and when you only have 24 hours to get on it; we got on it right away.


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