Everything needs to turn into a contest when you put two brothers and their dad together.  What better way then to have a week long biggest bass fishing tournament.  Yesterday my dad and brother went out and destroyed the bass.  After that they thought to up the anti and invite me in on their little tournament.  Why of course I come along to show them up and all we caught was this one lonely little bass.  Pathetic fisherman!

While the kids were at camp I explored around the gardens with my parents.  We went to the vegetable garden, cruised around through the woods, and passed by all the golf courses.  Its amazing just how pristine this property is kept.  There seems to be nothing out of place anywhere.  It must be a nightmare trying to maintain all 13,000 acres of the gardens here.

The boys on the other hand had a great day doing all kinds of fun things in summer camp.  Including the family beach Olympics this evening. All kinds of interesting family beach games including the all to famous dizzy bat contest.  The littlest one though on the other hand just enjoyed swimming at the beach in his seersucker shorts and polo.  I wish I was four years old once again.  Play in the sand and water as if it were the greatest thing in the world!


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