Road Tripping

It all starts right here, Atlanta.  Up the East Coast for a week all the way to Boston.  Its been an interesting morning already.  I mean look at fiesta man selling pregnancy test, water, and cheeseburgers for your bus ride.  He told the crowd there was no better time than on a bus ride to find out if you had one line or two.  No better way than to find true love and your babies daddy than with a cheeseburger and water over the road.  You can tell they were big sellers.  Just look at this crowd outside my bus window!

I was greeted by Sydney and Quentin (CSer from Paris) when arriving in Charlotte.  Everything seems brand new in the city.  We met for a couple of beers then Sydney took us around town to check out some super cool local joints. A stop at the market for some bomb sandwiches and beers.  After filling up there we ended the evening at Thomas St. Tavern.  A super cool and friendly local neighborhood bar just outside downtown.

100’s of Taps on the Ceiling
Quentin (CSer from Paris)


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