History Lesson

Sometimes my brain needs a break from work.  Today was just the day to have a learning session.  I walked about 5 miles through the city and up from Carytown this morning at 8AM.  Just the wake up time is a real shocker in itself.

I started with a tour around the Capital Building, down through the streets along the waterfront, and ended up at the Tredegar Museum.  It was used for artillery manufacturing during the Civil War.  Pretty incredible grounds here with plenty of History that I could go on about all day.

Next stop was Belle Isle.  It was used during the Civil War as a prisoner of war camp.  Now this island serves as an incredible city park for downtown Richmond.  It also has a super cool and fun suspension bridge you walk across to access it!

When in Richmond eat like a Richmondite.  That means its mandatory to stop in at The Citizen.  They get my vote for the bomb ass food.  Super eclectic menu that is outstanding.  I mean how can you go wrong with 96% on Urbanspoon and a 100 votes!

After filling up with more fuel I cruised around town checking out some graffiti and the architecture before making the bus trip back down to Carytown,  aka Hipstar Village.


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