Artisitc? Not Really…

At least not me.  My artistic side comes out mostly when putting on new bottom paint.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate fine art and photography.  I visited the Virginia Museum Fine Art this morning. They had some pretty cool exhibits on display and once again it was FREE.  

@ The Library Writing For a Few Hours

After my brain soaked up all the glory the gallery was willing to give me I worked my way downtown.  This is where every journey begins.  Well at least LONG journeys begin on the bus.  The bus was late which makes for a good start.  We made a pit stop in DC and I loved it.  It brought back so many awesome memories of the 15 Days I spent there last year.  Check out the Past!

Finally back out on the open road trucking our way to Baltimore and then onto Philly.  I arrived late and went to the bus station for a train.  Caught it then headed out to the suburbs to meet up with John.  

He graciously hosted me, took me out for wings & beer, and showed me some true hospitality.  Traveling for 10 hours worked me and I’m passing out.


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