Bus Rides Suck…

At least overnight ones suck.  I caught the late night Megabus to Boston and arrived at 6:30AM worn out.  It was a long night having someone crammed up next to me.  I was able to catch the train out of Boston right after arriving and got dropped off at the Cohasset station.  

Suprise, Little did I realize the walk would be 2.5 miles with all my crap down a highway to get to my hotel.  The joys of traveling!  I got all checked in upon arriving, ate breakfast, and took a long hot shower.  I will say though that the place I am staying for my cousins wedding is incredible.

My aunt offered to pick me up and we ran errands for a few hours before settling back down at her house.  The usual started up right away upon my arrival.  We spent the rest of the day eating incredible food and drinking cold beers on the back porch.  Always a great time reuniting with my family.


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