Wedding Bells

We started off the day with a nice drive along the ocean.  The houses here are incredible.  There doesn’t seem to even be a blade of grass out of place.  If you can say money, say it 100 times really fast and that describes this place.

My parents, brother, his wife, and I all got together for lunch at an incredible seafood restaurant near the ocean.  There is nothing cheap about anything here including the $20 lobster rolls.  I took a walk around town and found this really cool French pastry shop, and then worked my way back to the hotel to get ready for this evening.  Well not without a pit stop at my aunt and uncles place for a few cold beverages along the way.

This is what weddings should be like if your going to get married.  A little bit of reception, a little bit of wedding, and then a real full blown reception.  A full raw bar, all kinds of their favorite foods, a well stocked bar, and plenty of dancing.  Oh, and don’t forget to polish off the evening with a few cold ones at the American Legion after everything is over.  Epic!


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