Woods, Water, and Planes

A wise soul once told me don’t ever let the weather dictate your life. A small amount of rain didn’t hold us back from getting an early start on the day again.  Instead of 5:30 AM water skiing we switched up the schedule.  

Since it poured all night and throughout this morning we took a nice hike up to the reservoir.  Along the way we stopped to check out some incredible water falls.  When the rain comes down this hard here the falls begin to really flow.  Some people chase tornadoes or hurricanes.  I on the other hand am addicted to finding water falls.

Around mid morning we cruised into the air museum to check out all the planes and an incredible B-29 Bomber exhibit. I was actually really impressed with the collection of planes and helicopters they had at the museum.  From vintage gliders, a Vietnam Huey, fighter jets, aerial planes, coast guard helicopters, WWII planes, and plenty of cool helicopters. A good way to pass the time as the weather passed. 

A quick stop in at the house for our usual lunch routine then right back out on the road.  My uncles friend Peter took his boys and us out for an afternoon session on the water.  The boys had a blast riding up and down the lake knee boarding while I tried my luck at slalom skiing.  My uncle on the other hand showed us all up once again with his slalom skills and Peter through down some tricks on the knee board.


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