Silent Flight

After a long drive up to a glider club in New York we arrived just North of Albany around mid morning in the hopes of getting off the ground right away and take flight.  Nothing is ever that simple in life though.  We ended launching two gliders and were finally out on the runway when one of them came back in for a relaunch.  Top it off we tons of private jet traffic because of Saratoga Race Week.  In all honesty it was a total shit show until we got in the air around two this afternoon.  
The flight was short but a total blast.  We had a nice bumpy take off up to 1000 ft. with a strong cross wind.  From there the tow lasted up to 3000 ft. until the tow line was let loose and we were off.  After the tow plane disappeared everything went silent.  The speed these planes are capable of is incredible.  Just watch the video on the tight turns and you can see it in my face.

 A quick stop on the way home for  a relaxing walk in the woods once again.  There are so many hikes up here it is incredible.  The hike this afternoon was to a lookout tower with an incredible 360 degree view of the entire valley.  A great way to end another fun filled day up here.


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