Running Rapids

 Let the fun begin!  The day started off with a nice bike along the Colorado shooting photos of some of the raft companies.  It is hilarious some of the shots we get of these people.  The river is pushing 1700CFS right now which means some pretty decent rapids.  Colorado has it together when it comes to facilities for the outdoors.  I’ve only been here for a couple days and I am already in love with this place.  Its non stop outdoor action 24/7.

Everyday is play day around here.  I’m not quite sure how people get any work done around here.  After being on the river all morning its time to load up all your personal gear and get out there for some play time.  This evening we got together and cruised through the rapids at sunset and down to the hot springs.  

A good way to end a day is some good friends, ice chest full of cold beer, and hot springs. Whats even more incredible is how running class III & IV rapids until midnight is no big deal down here in the valley. These people are freaking out of control.  There isn’t a minute you can sit still without some good action.


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