Near Death, Am I Still Alive

I am really getting used to this lifestyle.  Well kinda…  Jess sent me on an errands run this morning.  The usual here, there, and everywhere.  One of my stops was the grocery store, and I should have known before even walking in the door what this trip was going to be like.  

My list consisted of the basics for a bunch of tree hugging granola eating Colorado hippies.  Granola, vanilla yogurt, mixed berries, fruit….  You get the point.  I feel the need to add something more substantial to this list so I pick up ice cream, ham, and a loaf of bread to keep myself going for a few days. 

After my “work” was finished for the day Andrew and I decided to take it to the river.  He and I ran the river together and everything was going just oh so perfect, until…  We made it through Shoshone just fine and did the usual drift down river.  

We are approaching our last rapid about 200 yards from the pullout.  As we approach there are two kayakers on the side of the river arms flailing overhead and yelling NO! NO! NO! Go Right YOUR CRAZY!!!  FYI, Rafts don’t take the left side of the river here they all go right.  Andrew assures them “we” are professionals with a few choice words.

A few seconds later we are full into this rapid lined up perfectly and drop in hard. This is where shit goes really wrong.  The raft turns sideways and we begin surfing the hell out of the rapid.  The raft is now completely filled with water and overflowing. He is yelling at me to back paddle for my life to get us out of the rapid.  

Its about 45 seconds into this when I get sucked out of the raft and into the rapid.  Rapids are weird and very strong, just trust me, I’m no professional.  I get sucked under the raft and stuck there between the rapid and the bottom of the raft.  Eyes open and just seeing blue raft and muddy river I am clawing for my life on the bottom of a smooth raft.  Lucky for me after what seemed like a lifetime the rapid shot me out and I drifted downriver. How this happened I have no idea, but I still had my paddle and a bottle of Seven and Seven.  

I swam to shore with my adrenaline blowing through my brain as I cling to a rock and watch Andrew fight this rapid by himself for another 3 minutes.  Insanely enough he got the raft out by himself.  You should have seen the faces of the people on shore!  A few more choice words about how he is a professional and he drifts down river to pick me up.

I have more than enough excuses to sit around at hippie fest and drink cold beer the rest of the evening.  The music was incredible and the fire dancing even more so.  We spent the evening bar bouncing in Carbondale before heading back to close out the bars in Glenwood Springs.  There are plenty of stories in between all of these events, but we will let them stay in the haunted bars visited tonight.


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