Girls Only

You can’t always have all the fun.  Sometimes you have to let the girls have a little as well.  I took on the role of shuttle driver and photographer while these two wild ones floated Shoshone.  They had a blast on their paddle and I had a blast long boarding the bike path shooting photos. 

After this mornings rafting round up we headed back down to Hippie Fest in the valley.  A friend of Jess works for New Belgium Beer Company,  need I say anymore.  More good beer and music to end another fun filled day of playing on the river.

These young kids killed Thriller by Michael Jackson.  Incredible talent in this small valley town.  They played a full set and all of their music was pretty tight stuff.

This band was incredible.  The girls voice and energy was amazing.  I would highly recommend checking out some of their stuff at Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds

It doesn’t look like life gets much better than this!  Chillen


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