The Numbers-Arkansas River Rafting

We left early this morning and headed out over Independence Pass for Buena Vista.  I knew immediately the trip was going to be good when I saw these hippies moving.  No need for a Uhaul when you can load your cars and just call a tow truck.  This was some pretty impressive packing if I may say so myself.

The drive across Independence Pass is quite impressive.  Along the entire road there are plenty of good pull offs for hikes and camping.  We took in a few of them along the way and got some sweet shots. 

After arriving in Buena Vista and rounding up some gear from Jess friend’s houses we were off on the river.  The numbers is the first section we ran and it consist of 7 sets of rapids.  The entire section took about 2 hours and the ride was full on the entire time.  This area of the Arkansas River is well known for many great sections of whitewater for both kayaking and rafting.

After a long day on the water we stopped and camped right on the river in downtown Buena Vista.  A sweet little spot next to South Main.  The rest of the night was spent with friends drinking beers and listening to live music down at “The Beach” bar.  Nothing like sitting around a nice fire with good music, friends, and some awesome local brews.


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