Independence Pass

I’m thinking of selling the sailboat and picking up this sweet boat.  Convert her into a true travel machine and maybe do all the canals in Europe in her.  Pretty sweet ride from the 50’s.  Maybe I will wait a bit though and do some more sailing here soon.

Its back on the road this morning to Glenwood Springs where this little journey began. The Independence Pass was just as incredible as the first time over it.  I’m pretty sure you can’t get tired of this beautiful ride.  A quick stop in Aspen to check out the downtown area and we were back on the road.

Since we had plenty of time today we did a few hikes along the way and checked out some incredible waterfalls.  A little to cold to hop in but some Texan assured me I should still go for it.  I passed and we got back out on the open road. Miles and miles of pure open wilderness surrounded by mountain ranges.  Hopefully one day soon I can fulfill the dream of cruising all over the Northwest camping, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking.


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