New Orleans Bound

The day started off rather decent with Jess dropping me off 3 miles from the bus station.  Yay, I now get to walk 3 miles down a highway to find the correct spot.  The greyhound showed up on time with only four other lonely souls on board.  Our reckless driver careened us through the canyons and almost off a few bridges along the way just to add a little excitement to my morning.  

I had time to spare so I walked a few blocks around downtown where there obviously was nothing exciting going on so I meandered over to the city bus stop.  If you don’t ride city buses in cities all across the U.S. you should begin.  It really is incredible to see how the other side lives.  There are all walks of life at the city bus station.  

My bus arrives and I hop on with “the others”.  It is sad seeing these people in just about every city I have traveled in riding these buses.  They aren’t on here because they believe in public transit and are trying to save the environment.  They are on here because they have no other choice. If one person showed the slightest smile I would be shocked.  Most of these people have nothing.  

A lady gets on with her 5 children and proceeds to yell at them for no reason.  She was really having a tough time I could tell.  We rode some she yelled some more.  After about 30 minutes we arrived at her destination, McDonald’s!  I was appalled she was taking all these young children to McDonald’s when right next door was a grocery that could have made healthy subs for half the price.  It’s sad these children will probably never have the opportunity to learn other wise.

I arrived at the airport to find my plane was going to be an hour late.  No problem, I have all the time in the world to sit around in airports and play on their free wifi. Finally made it to DFW and then onto New Orleans.  I arrived around midnight and drove home.  Its been a really long day and I am really tired.


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