Island Friends

 Tons of good sailing going on right now.  We had an unexpected guest bird that rode with us for about 30 miles offshore today.  I’m not quite sure why he didn’t want to leave the safety of the deck but after taking a crap all over the back deck his visit was definitely over stayed.

Onto my new friends in the out islands.  These kids are quite incredible.  They row or sail their kayukas about 5 miles each way to school everyday. Somehow we happen to the be anchored right in the middle ground of their trip.  Which in turn is pretty bad ass.  They are awesome and we chat back and forth in Spanish for awhile until the next group of kids rolls up.  

I always give them treats and fresh water which they love more than cookies. I ask them frio or caliente. They usually reply frio. I serve them up a nice ice cold glass of water. One sip later they look at me with it in their mouth in disgust.   I tell them its ok to spit it out and then they dump the entire glass overboard.  They smile for a second and I say Caliente and they say YES!  Its wild that they have never tasted cold water.  A nice room temperature glass of water and they are begging for more!  Love my new friends out here!

They wanted to show off for us on their way out and set up their sail in barely any wind at all and sailed away with thumbs up.  We gave our approval and told them manana.  Its so cool they are so simplistic and happy in life. 

Also notice the two people in a kayuka just staring at the boat in the photo below.  Its as if an alien craft had landed in their small bay.  They have never seen anything like it before.  They sit there for hours on end both day and night.  We wave, they wave, they stare for awhile, we wave again, then they wave.  This usually goes on until we call it a night and go back down below. 


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